Project Areas:

Climate Change Impacts.  From global mangrove distributions, to continental tree growth rates, to the plight of Galapagos tortoises, Dr. Charney’s work harnesses the power of big data to develop informative forecasts of our worlds’ environment.

Urban Conservation Planning.  With Nashville as a model city, Dr. Charney’s work is re-shaping the approach to urban conservation planning by integrating modern ecological theory into the regulatory and nonprofit landscape.

Rare Species Conservation.  From wildflowers to salamanders to turtles, Dr. Charney works with state-listed, federally-listed, and internationally-listed species, applying modern techniques to understanding and managing these treasures.

Natural History.  Dr. Charney’s new book (from Yale University Press) brings readers into the field as naturalists to understand the many interconnected layers of environmental studies.  His prior book won the National Outdoor Book Award along with the American Library Association’s award for Outstanding Academic Title.